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Keep your scooter safe this summer.

Ensure it runs perfectly when you get back.

Store your scooter with us!

Your scooter hates being alone for long periods of time. The fuel system can get clogged, someone can knock it over, or worse, it could get stolen!

Space in our shop is very limited, so book now!

Why store your scooter with us:

  • Prevent theft and damage. Our shop is secure and climate controlled.

  • Prevent starting issues when you return. This will happen if a scooter sits for 2 weeks or more without proper storage prep.

  • Prevent battery failure. Your battery needs to stay on a charger during storage. We’ll take care of it!

  • Prevent costly repairs. Storage is much cheaper than getting your scooter running again, or getting it stolen!

What does storage include?

  • Our signature storage prep service, where we: treat your fuel with stabilizer and flush the treatment thru the system, charge your battery to 100% and keep it on a trickle charger, and inspect of all components and functions

  • Safe, secure, indoor, climate-controlled storage.

  • Identification of other services that need to be completed that we can do during storage time with your approval.

  • Proper care and professional treatment of your vehicle. We know you <3 your scoot, and we’ll take care of it!

Did you already purchase a storage package?

Don’t worry, you can still reserve your spot today through this form! Just select “prepaid package” in the drop-down menu.



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