Why should you get a scooter?


1. Effortless Parking

Scooters get the royal treatment when it comes to parking! Because of their compact design, they can fit in many places that a car or even a motorcycle can't go.

On the University of Maryland College Park campus, there are special designated spots for scooters to park, which are usually very close to buildings, and even in covered parking garages. 

In Washington DC, scooters can park right on the sidewalk outside of the "Central Business District". They can also be parked in many other small spaces in the city, including motorcycle spots!


2. Easy to Ride

If you've never ridden on two wheels before, don't worry! Scooters are super easy to handle and anyone can learn to ride one. Scooters are lightweight, with most 49cc scooters tipping the scales at less than 200 pounds, with a very low center of gravity. Scooters also have Automatic transmissions, so all you have to do is twist the throttle and you're off! This lets you focus on riding safely, instead of shifting. Finally, scooters have a step-through chassis, which means it's very easy to get on-and-off the bike. Unlike a motorcycle where you have to straddle the tank, scooters are much more efficient when it comes to running into class or work quickly!

3. Affordable