2017 Wolf RX-50

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2017 Wolf RX-50


Mint Condition Used 2017 Wolf Brand Scooters RX-50. Only 215 miles. Rare opportunity to save hundreds versus buying a new RX-50.

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The RX-50 is Wolf’s economy scooter, but don’t let the word “economy” fool you! This scooter is above average in its class and it’s built with the same quality parts as our other Wolf Brand scooters. It gets excellent gas mileage and will suit light day-to-day, inner-city travel, no problem!

The RX-50 is great for cruising around town, throwing on the back of a RV for riding around the campground, and even short work commutes. It comes in vibrant colors and will surely get you where you need to go very economically.

As with all Wolf Brand Scooters, the RX-50 comes with an upgraded Performance Carburetor, Motobatt Battery, Duro Tires, NGK Spark Plug, and more! 

Key Features

49cc 4-stroke engine

Small frame, low seat height

Full automatic transmission

30+ mph top speed


30 days Engine & Transmission