University of Maryland

Student Buying Guide

A scooter is an essential part of getting around UMD. In fact, one of our founders was a student at UMD when he started College Scooters, and realized that scooters provide the perfect way to get around College Park! We've been in business since 2010, and have found the best, most reliable scooter brands. All of our scooters are professionally setup and assembled by our team, and include a factory warranty. We make sure to provide you an easy, transparent scooter buying experience, whether it's your first scooter, or you're ready to upgrade from a Craiglist scoot.. we've got you covered!









Best Sellers

Genuine Scooters Roughhouse 

2 year warranty!

Year after the year, the Roughhouse proves itself as the most bulletproof option for campus commutes. Durable, rugged, FAST, and low-cost maintenance.. what's not to love? 

Want a Sportier Scoot? Check out the Roughhouse Sport Edition!

Genuine Scooters Buddy

2 year warranty!

If you want something a little more classic, but crave a scoot with awesome reliability, meet your Buddy! The Buddy has the same motor as the Roughhouse, but has retro style mixed with super cool colors!

Check out the International Buddy too!

Lance Powersports Cabo

$100 student discount!

If your roommate isn't as smart as you and is always asking for a ride, check out the Cabo! It has a big seat for 2 riders and the tires & suspension to handle it. It even has LED gauges that change color!

The Lance PCH is a great option too!


For riders 5'10" and up

Lance PCH scooter

Lance Powersports PCH 50

2 year warranty

If you're on the taller side or need room for a passenger, it's hard to beat the Lance PCH. It has a higher seat hight, great reliability, and a 2 year warranty.


Genuine Roughhouse

2 year warranty!

The Roughhouse offers a flat seat that is easy for taller riders to scoot back on. Plus there are cut-outs in the floorboard to give you more legroom


Genuine Venture

2 year warranty!

Big wheels, big fun. The Venture makes for a great option to use for commuting in College Park. It's not as fast as the Roughhouse, but if you need taller handlebars this is the bike for you. 

For riders under 5'10"

scootstar honeystar

Scootstar Honeystar

1 Year Warranty

The Honeystar offers that retro look that gives you beach town vibes on the first ride. With its light weight and low seat height, it is a great option for shorter riders.


Genuine Buddy

2 Year Warranty!

Simply put, the Buddy is our best option for shorter riders. It is lightweight, and has a low seat height that can be made even lower with a low profile seat and shock option! It's peppy, ultra reliable, and comes in cute colors!

scootstar racestar

Scootstar Racestar

1 Year Warranty

If you're ballin' on a budget, the Racestar is a great value. It has all the essentials you expect from a scoot, plus way better quality and components than those cheap online and Craigslist scoots.

Maintenance Packages

BUndle your service

Hassle-free Scooting

Saves you money

Scooters need maintenance just like a car! We've developed these great maintenance packages to help save you tons of money and time! Instead of having to pay for every service, we've created easy bundles for all your factory-required maintenance to keep your scooter in top shape. All you have to do is give us a call, and we'll pick your scooter up from campus! 


  • 4 year package

  • 6 Services

  • Free campus pick-up

25% Savings!


  • 3 year package

  • 5 Services

  • Free campus pick-up

22% Savings!


  • 2 year package

  • 4 Services

  • Free campus pick-up

16% Savings!


  • 1 year package

  • 3 Services

  • Free campus pick-up

12% Savings!

Scooter Storage

Keeps your scooter safe

Ensures no issues during semester breaks

Saves you money!

Scooters don't like to be left alone! Scooters have small motors and are easily affected by dirty fuel, temperature changes, and worst of all, THEFT! If your scooter sits for about a month without being driven, it won't start because of clogged-up fuel, a dead battery.. but DON'T WORRY! Prevent all of this with one of our storage packages. Your scooter will be kept in our climate-controlled and safe warehouse, where we'll treat the fuel so it stays fresh, and keep your battery on a charger! Save $$$ by grabbing a package!

Summer Storage

End of Spring Semester to Start of Fall Semester

Regular Price: $275

Package Price: $199

27% Savings!!!

Winter Storage

End of Fall Semester to Start of Spring Semester

Regular Price: $150

Package Price: $99

34% Savings!!!

Earn Scoot Bux when you get maintenance + storage!

Every scooter needs maintenance and storage, so why not earn your essential accessories for FREE! We're all about providing the absolute best deals for students, so we've created Scoot Bux! When you buy any storage and maintenance, you earn Scoot Bux for any in-stock items at our store! 

1 Year Maintenance + 1 Storage Package = $25 Scoot Bux

2 Year Maintenance + 3 or more Storages = $75 Scoot Bux

3 Year Maintenance + 5 Storage Package = $125 Scoot Bux

4 Year Maintenance + 6 or more Storages = $200 Scoot Bux

Must-have Essentials

Make sure you grab these most popular add-ons with your scoot!

Earn these for FREE with Scoot Bux!

Heavy Duty Chain Lock   Featured: On Guard Mastiff

Heavy Duty Chain Lock

Featured: On Guard Mastiff

Open Face Helmet with Shield   Featured: GMAX GM77

Open Face Helmet with Shield

Featured: GMAX GM77

All Weather Scooter Cover   Featured: Cover Max

All Weather Scooter Cover

Featured: Cover Max

Rear Top Case/Trunk   Featured: Prima Universal Trunk

Rear Top Case/Trunk

Featured: Prima Universal Trunk

Get back to school with the Genuine Scooters back to school sale! Starting 8/7/17 thru 9/15/17, get an extended 3 year warranty, 3 year roadside assistance, and $50 first service credit with the purchase of any Genuine Buddy, Roughhouse, Roughhouse Sport, Buddy Kick, Venture, or Hooligan.