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The backbone of a great scooter dealer is an even better service department. That's why we've partnered with our sister company, Federal Cycles to provide scooter repair in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland  area at an unmatched level. We've been servicing scooters since 2010, and are experts in repairing scooters of all makes, models, shapes, and sizes. Whether you ride a vintage Italian Lambretta, a rugged Honda Ruckus, or a budget-friendly Chinese scooter, trust College Scooters to repair your machine with the upmost care and consideration, all backed by our unmatched communication and fair pricing.

How we operate


Drop off your scooter anytime, and you'll enter into our repair queue. For current service load, call: (410) 929-6402 x 2. 

Need basic maintenance?

Fill out the form below to make an appointment so we can get you "in and out service"

Need a restoration?

We've restored Vespas from the 60's, Hondas from the 70's, and Yahamas from the 80's. We are ready for your resto' project.

Need an estimate?

We can send you a very detailed estimate via email after our $53 hands-on assessment is complete.

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Please provide if you know it. Look on the frame, or on a metal plate (sometimes located below the handlebars near where your legs go).
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We'll call you with a quote first. College Park is usually around $25.

A few unique projects we've worked on