Genuine G400C 

NOW OPEN FOR RESERVATION with College Scooters.

We could focus on the details, like the fuel injected engine and 5-speed transmission. Or the classic design and retro styling. But you can see that below.

Instead, let’s focus on the reasons to ride the G400C motorcycle. Let’s focus on the freedom of the open road. Let’s focus on the people you’ll meet and the friendships you’ll form as you travel the roads that will take you through big cities, small towns and rural America.

Let’s focus on America’s roads. These roads are your roads. Yours to explore on the G400C from Genuine.

Wheels: 19” Front , 17” Rear

Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons

MPG: 70

Weight: 353 lbs.

Warranty: 2 year / 24k miles

Colors: Red, Green, Black

MSRP: $4399*

Displacement: 397cc

Horsepower: 26

Torque: 21 ft. lbs.

Seat Height: 31”

Top Speed: 80 mph

SYM Wolf Classic

Great Deals on in stock Wolf Classics!

A wolf in sheep’s clothing. A veritable motorcycle that is approachable yet very capable, the Wolf Classic presents a unique opportunity to stay nimble in the city yet also handles light highway duty very well.

With its 5-speed transmission, electric start (with kick start for back-up), big front disc brake, and retro gauges, the Wolf Classic meshes vintage style with modern features expertly. It starts easy, handles well, stops on a dime, and rides smooth. With 2 years of warranty to back you up, you can enjoy a classic look without the classic problems.

Wheels: 18” Front , 17” Rear

Fuel Capacity: 2.45 gallons

MPG: 85

Weight: 266 lbs.

Warranty: 2 year / 24k miles

Colors: Red, Green, Black, White, Red/White

MSRP: $2999*

Displacement: 149cc

Horsepower: 14.79

Torque: 9.04 ft. lbs.

Seat Height: 30”

Top Speed: 65.5 mph