Lance Cali Classic 50



The Cali always turns heads when display on our showroom, and when it's out cruising around town. It's hard to find another scooter out there that blends classic scooter looks, with motorcycle elements, all in a classy and reliable package. The Cali Classic has elegant body lines, beautiful paint applications, chrome accents everywhere, a distinct headlamp, and comfortable seat.

Performance on the Lance Cali Classic is great, thanks to the proprietary ceramic coated cylinder technology. In short, this helps keep the Lance motors cooler and longer lasting. The automatic transmission provides effortless power to the ground, with smooth take off from a light, all the way up to top speed. Overall, the Cali Classic is a reliable and versatile choice for many types of riders.

Key Features

49cc 4-stroke engine

Retro cruisin' style

Full automatic transmission

30 mph restricted, 40+ mph de-restricted!

Made by SYM-Global


Engine & Trans:

2 Years, parts and labor

Everything Else**:

1 Year, parts and labor


MSRP: $1999*

plus $350 Freight/Prep



Windshield, Rear Rack, Trunk


Takes scoot from 30mph to 40+mph top speed


Stage 1: exhaust, hi-flow air intake


Butterscotch Yellow • Sky Blue • Ruby Red • Piano Black • Arctic White 


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**"everything else" includes all non-wearable components on bike where failure is caused by manufacturer defect only. Does not include parts that wear naturally over time and need replacing at maintenance intervals, such as: batteries, light bulbs, belts, chains, oils, chemicals, lubricants, tires, brake pads, cables. Warranty does not cover crash damage or failure of components from neglect of maintenance schedule.