Job Openings

Customer Service and Sales (CSS) -- Part Time

Hello! Thanks for your interest in our current opening for a CSS team member! Please read over the below job description carefully. If you feel like this fits well with your personality, skills, and what you're looking for, follow the provided directions to apply.

To Summarize, all of our team members must:

  1. Be a positive, team-oriented person
  2. Be strongly interested and passionate about motorbikes! (motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes)
  3. Have the same personal beliefs as our Core Values:
    1. Create Excellence
    2. Pursue Passion
    3. Keep it HOT (Honest, Open, Transparent)
    4. Stay Unified
    5. Drive Change
    6. Be CSO (Clean, Safe, Organized)
    7. Give Back
    8. Enjoy the Ride!

About Our Company:
Our company was founded in 2010 as College Scooters, seeking to provide students and commuters with better, more efficient, and fun transportation options through motor scooters. We have now grown into the largest scooter dealership in the state, and sell/service many makes and models of quality scooters to a wide range of customers.

We have been steadily growing over the past 5 years, and have seen a strong uptick in our motorcycle service business. Yes, that's right, we service any makes, models, and sizes of full size motorcycles! In 2016, we are launching a BRAND NEW brand, Federal Cycles. Federal's focus is all about providing the best motorcycle service and retail experience in our area, building the riding community, and having fun!

We have opened a brand new location in 2016, and are looking for positive and passionate team members to help us grow Federal Cycles and College Scooters even more!

We are not your average power-sport shop. Every day will be a challenge, but our workplace is about having fun too! We are looking for people who are self-motivated, who strive for perfection, and won't settle until the customer is 100% satisfied. If that sounds like you, keep reading. 

Our Core Values
Everything we do stems from our core values. These are ingrained in our operations, and guide every wrench turn, estimate, and sale. If these sound like they align with your beliefs, this job may be a good fit for you.

Create Excellence // Pursue Passion // Keep it Honest Open and Transparent // Stay Unified // Drive Change // Be Clean Safe and Organized // Give Back // Enjoy the Ride

Part Time preferred, but we do have potential seasonal openings for full time

Job Description: 
Customer Service and Sales

What do CSS employees do for us?

  • Our CSS team members are often times the first in-person representations of our brand to our customers. Here's some of the things you will do as a CSS team member. We will tailor the job around your skills and interests within these job roles.
  • Sell products to customers, both in-person, over email, and on the phone
  • Assist customers over the phone who call with questions or would like to purchase something
  • Show people how to operate their newly purchased vehicle
  • Recommend products and services to walk-in customers
  • Receive and unpack inventory orders, put items away, and label them properly for sale
  • Assist in keeping our store CSO (clean, safe, and orgranzied)
  • Deliver a customer's bike back to them after a sale or service
  • Open/Close the register
  • Assist with light service duties, such as unloading boxes, assemblies, preps, etc.
  • Complete warranty claims, finance, and new sale paper work with customers

Retail, Customer Service, or Sales experience
A very strong interest or in motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, ATVs, or related products
A strong willingness to learn and grow. (Drive Change)

The following are not required, but are a big plus!
Ownership of a motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, scooter, or moped
A pick-up truck or vehicle capable of pulling a small trailer
Motorcycle or power-sport store experience

Required Education:
High school diploma is required
A college degree, specialty programs, and/or program certificates are regarded highly, but are not required.

Required Skills:

A positive attitude, even in the toughest of circumstances. (Create Excellence)A passion for problem solving and fixing things (Pursue Passion)
Strong teamwork skills (almost everything you do will be team-related) (Stay Unified)
Excellent communication skills; you must be great with people even when the pressure is on or things don't go as planned (Keept it HOT)
Ability to lift 50+ lbs.
Good computer skills (we will train you on our inventory and POS systems)
An ability to work through problems and not get frustrated by them. You must be able to push through the roadblocks that may arise. (Drive Change)
Great customer interaction skills. You will not be isolated in your role, and will have to work with customers in explaining a service or teaching them how to ride. 

Other Requirements:
Reliable daily transportation
You must be organized, reliable, resilient, dedicated, and fun to be around. If you're consistently late, don't apply! 
100% drug free
Did we say you have to be fun?

Many holidays off
Discounted Parts and Accessories
Cool company clothing and accessories
Opportunity to move up within our organization
Hands-on experience with a growing and entrepreneurial company
You'll get to test drive a bunch of awesome bikes
Team building events, rewards, meals, and other fun stuff

Starts at $10/hour
We notice great work, and it will be rewarded. Given great quality work, there is high potential for you to earn a raise or other bonuses. 

*** HOW TO APPLY ***

Please follow these directions carefully. Not doing so may result in your application getting lost in the mix!

1. Send an email to [email protected]
2. Title the email: "CSS Job - College Park"
3. In the email, please include the following: 
Short personal summary/story
A few reasons why you feel like you're the right fit for this job

Do you currently own a bike?
Your favorite food (very important!)
Current Resume

What to bring to your interview, if we contact you:
Documentation of previous work or project history: pictures of completed projects are a huge plus
Ride your motorcycle or scooter to the interview if you own one and the weather is good!
Be on time. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of your interview. Please allow the interview to take up to 2 hours.
An open, honest, positive, and ready-to-work attitude!

Other Information
Upon completing our interview process and being selected, we have all of our employees complete a 4 week trial run to see if you're the right fit for our company. It is imperative that you're able to work in a team-based environment, and that your experience written on paper matches your true hands-on abilities--