Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers)

General Store Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 5112 Roanoke Place, College Park, Maryland 20740 USA

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 11am-4pm, Sunday Closed

Sale Questions

What do you sell?

We sell scooters and motorcycles

What brands do you sell?

For new units, we sell the following high-quality brands:

Motorcycles: SYM USA

Scooters: Genuine Scooter CompanyLance PowersportsBintelli ScootersWolf Brand Scooters

What is the freight charge on new scooters and motorcycles?

Freight is the destination shipping cost of getting the unit to our store. It is not included in the MSRP, and it is not a charge we make money on. It is simply a pass-through cost. The margins on scooters and motorcycles are just not big enough to let us build freight into the MSRP. To keep it simple for our customers, we charge an average freight cost of $200 on all new units on the floor. The prices we generally quote include this cost, but not always. Unlike many other dealers, we do not charge "fluff" fees such as PDI, prep, documentation, etc. on most of our new units. Currently there are only 2 units on our floors that require extensive prep and have a prep fee, and those are the SYM T2 and the Genuine Scooters Stella Auto 125. 

What is the "out the door" price for a unit?

For scooters and motorcycles, the "out the door price" is simply MSRP + Freight. For all off-road units, the "out the door" price is the listed price.

Please note: "out the door" does not include state Titling or registration fees such as: title, registration, temp tag, or tax. For those costs, please see the next question.

Can you deliver my new unit to my house? How much does it cost?

Yes! Delivery in College Park, Maryland is around $35.00. For delivery cost outside of College Park, please Contact Us.

What does it cost to register or title my scooter and/or motorcycle in Maryland?

50cc Scooters: Title Fee $20, Title Sticker $5, Tax 6%

Motorcycles and above 50cc Scooters: Title Fee $100, 2-Year Registration/Plate $104, Tax 6%, Temp Tag $40

Service Questions

What do you service?

Scooters: nearly all makes and models.

Motorcycles: nearly all makes and models. We specialize in metric repairs for Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki, especially carbureted bikes older than 10 years. We can work on new bikes too in many cases! We are experts in carb syncing and tuning, valve adjustments, top-end rebuilds, and general services like: oil changes, chain and sprocket service, valve adjustments, braking, tires, etc.

What are your service policies?

Hourly Rate: $75/hour

Minimum Shop Charge: $53.00 (does not apply to flat-rate services)

Shop Fee: $3.00 per billed hour of labor

Tire Disposal: $3.00 per tire

Tax: 6% on parts

Storage: Free for 5 days after completion notification, then $20/day. After 30 days, it becomes the properly of Shore Cycles.

Estimates: We are happy to provide an estimate on any job upon request. For all estimates, we will get our hands on the bike ($53.00) in order to accurately understand the issues going on the with the unit. Upon completion of that hour of labor, you will receive a phone call providing you information as to what we found, and what we need to do next. As with all mechanical vehicles, especially older motorcycles and off-brand Chinese products, it is not always possible to guarantee the final repair total. However, the estimate process does provide us a better knowledge base to more accurately ascertain the issues, and get a better trajectory than simply guessing upon drop-off. 

Can you pickup my unit for service? How much does it cost?

Yes! The cost varies by location. For pickups in College Park, Maryland the general cost is $25.00. For pickup outside of College Park, please Contact Us.