Student Scooter Summer Storage: Don't leave your scoot vulnerable!

Well, it's that time of year again: flowers are flowering, grads are graduating, and scoots are scooting! However, in the next couple weeks many of you students will be going back home for the summer to pursue internships, jobs, and (hopefully) some relaxation. You're taking all sorts of stuff with you, but plan to leave your scoot back in good ol' College Park.

Now picture this: you return in the Fall ready for class and more scootin' action.. but your scoot won't start... or worse... it's been STOLEN. Unfortunately, scooter theft is all too common on the UMD campus. Thieves know hundreds of scoots will be left without their owners for a few months, and they pounce on the opportunity to throw a couple in a truck bed and make out like bandits (literally) with some sweet scoots.

LUCKILY, all this can be avoided by storing your scooter with us for the summer! We'll keep it protected and safe in our climate controlled service center, and complete multiple required storage services to ensure your scoot starts right up and runs great in the Fall!


Here's how it works

$50 storage treatment service (all bikes)

plus $75/month for storage


Here's what we do in the storage treatment service

  • Treat your gas with a fuel system stabilizer and cleaner: keeps your gasoline 100% fresh for storage, helps remove harmful engine deposits, and eliminates ethanol and water problems

  • Complete our signature Every Bike Checklist (EBC), a comprehensive, "tire-to-tire" inspection of your scooter to make sure everything is OK and any issues are addressed

  • Battery is tested for its health, and charged to 100% before your pick-up your scoot


Need other service?

Get 10% off labor while storing your scoot!


Reserve your Storage spot right here!

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We will also note any other services needed during our Every Bike Checklist (EBC) and send you an estimate if you need other stuff.