Prevent a DC Metro Disappointment with a Scooter!

I’m sure most of you have already read the news or better yet have been affected by the unreliability of the Metro recently and it probably has happened more than once. For those of you who live and breath the city, transportation is a necessity. I’m talking about getting where you need to be. If you are a car, motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle owner then cheers to those of you not having to rely solely on the city transportation. On the other hand, those of you stressing about the next time the metro will not just be unreliable but not an option should consider an alternative transportation.

 Considering its track record, The Metro recently has put doubt in the minds of all city transportation users now more than ever before but being prepared or one step ahead of this potential possibility shouldn’t keep you from getting your day started whether it is getting to class on time, making sure you reach work, or getting errands completed. Give yourselves options, i’m not saying to go out and buy a car, not everyone can afford to do that, but you have a whole slew of two wheeled options that can be low to mediocre maintenance, economically friendly, and best of all save some money in your pockets.

Next time you're riding The Metro, consider this, a 50 cc scooter gets almost 80-100 mpg, insurance would be 100 dollars a year or less, with nimble and flexible lengths and widths your parking options increase and keeping up with maintenance would cost almost the same as riding The Metro each month.

With that said, for most people, a scooter pays for itself in a year.