50cc Scooters we stock

The following models are almost always in stock in our showroom in College Park and ready for pickup or delivery to you ASAP. We have found these scooters to be the best selling, most reliable, and most feature-packed models on the market. The top of the line product is Genuine, the middle product is Lance, and the entry-level is Chicago.

Genuine Roughhouse Sport

Genuine Roughhouse

Genuine Buddy

 Genuine Buddy International

 Lance Cabo

 Lance PCH

Wolf Brand Islander

Chicago "GO"

Genuine Venture

Lance Havana Classic



The following models are not stocked in our showroom, but we can order them for you no problem. Lead time is approximately 7 business days when the model is in stock with our supplier, and an additional freight charge may apply. See store or message us for complete details or to order one of these scooters.

  • Why are these models special order only?
    • They didn't sell as well as the models we still stock
    • We found an alternative option that is the same quality but with more features or support
    • If someone wants one of these models, they are still very quick and easy for us to get!

Bintelli Scorch

Wolf Brand RX-50

Bintelli Breeze


Bintelli Sprint

Cali Classic

Wolf Brand Blaze